Fort Lauderdale

This past weekend, we took a three day weekend vacation to Fort Lauderdale to see my aunt Rose and Vilma. They were going on a 15 day cruise around the Caribbean Islands, and their cruise ship left from Fort Lauderdale. So it made a good opportunity for us to visit with them.

We had plans to leave around 6:30 on Friday morning, but my allergies took away the most important thing I have for this trip, my voice! So instead I was at the doctor's office at 8:30am, and we started our drive at 11:00am.

It was so special to spend time with my family. So good to reconnect and hug and talk. Too bad I didn't have much of a voice, but I did find the energy to bring out the little that I had left :-)

Tia Rose is so full of life. She often makes extraordinary out of ordinary. She is full of happiness and joy. I wish we had more time to be together. It was very nice to get to know Vilma better. They both possess a young and high energy.

We finally have a family picture!

The time came when we had to drop them off. The kids had such a wonderful time. They loved to be hugged and were happy to be with our Brazilian family. Gabe was sad to let them go.

Thanks Rose and Vilma for the wonderful time, for the beautiful gifts and for all the love you showered upon us. We'll miss you so so much!

That's their cruise ship - Oasis of the Seas

We decided to stay one more night to go around the city. It was fun, but my allergies are really getting the best out of me :-(

It's always nice to explore new places and new beaches. Even nicer to find out that our beach is the most beautiful! :-)

Finally getting my hair to a lighter color

Oh, he carried this coconut everywhere...even to the hotel room and back home.

At night we went for a walk at Las Olas Blvd. Very nice street with restaurants, ice-cream shops, boutiques and, lots of people.

It was raining on Sunday and we left early. We missed having Rose and Vilma with us...

We drove through the Everglades and stopped to see the alligators.

We got home with our hearts full. Ready to start a new week.

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