Happy Birthday Blog!

Three years! I can't believe so much time has passed since I first started to journal our life here.

Regretfully, I do this so much less often than I used to but I am happy that I am still committed to document some of our precious moments here. You know, the kids don't have anything better to do other than growing, so I had better be capturing their milestones before they are off to college!

I have a bunch of photographs that I would like to share with you all. Random moments. Random places.


Just in an effort to turn an ordinary day into a little more of a special day, we took the boys to the mall for lunch right after we picked them up from the bus stop. Yes, on a weekday. We don't have the luxury of time lately, so we made the best out of it.

Finding joy amidst our crazy schedule is really nice. Just spending time with my boys and conversing with them is a big treat to me.

I need my treats as well.

This is Ruffif drink. My husband's.


He was playing outside. I grabbed my camera without any expectations. I love what I achieved, especially with Kalei, who doesn't like the camera!

This smile is the best medicine for my heart.


Sunday @ a playground.

Life has been really busy for us. Between school, homework, practices and all the housework, we find ourselves very tired by the end of the day.

Some days are better than others. We love Fridays.

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