Run-a-Thon 2013

It's a big day on their school. This year I had both of my boys running. Ruffin and I were part of the committee and helped organize the event. We were there all day long!

Gabe came out first with all the 3rd graders. He did a great job.


Love the smile...

Gabe with Cody

 photo 396e_zps81c37377.jpg

He ran twelve laps. Three miles.

Chilling out with his friends.

Nathan and Gabe

 photo 410e_zps3d9eea99.jpg

His classmates.

Oh boy, was Kalei excited!

He was dancing, smiling and had so much energy. So cute. I love to watch him with the attitude "I can do it all"

Waiting for his turn...

...and there he goes.

He did try very hard and did so well. He ran 8 laps. Two miles!

Drinking water.

They love when we are involved and there to support them. It was a fun day.

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