Kalei is 6!

My munchkin,

Pirimpimpim, Kaleilei, I am so sorry I am late for this post.

This is such an important one for me. It's the writing that gives me the most reward. I love writing to you. I love writing about you.

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You came into my life to make it complete. That's how you make me feel. Your presence is strong. You are so full of life. You are very intentional. You are very happy. You forgive quickly. You smile often.

You are very smart. You are doing so well in school. I am so proud of you!

You love your nemo, tortelline, candies, legos, gabriel and your friends. You don't eat many meals, you live on snacks. Your favorite ice-cream flavor is chocolate. Your favorite super-hero is spider-man.

You think kisses are wet and wipe them off your cheeks. You love to be silly. You like to wear your shorts on your head and your shirt in your legs.

I could not love you more than I do. You are truly a gift in my life.

Always yours,


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There are always presents, cake and balloons to greet you when you come back from school on your special day.You came back and went straight to the kitchen table to open your gifts. You could not wait. Not one second! That's who you are.

 photo 534e_zps6a9bc228.jpg

Spider-man lego set.

 photo 550e_zps3e64e3d8.jpg

 photo 574e_zps8241dd96.jpg

We just realized that you didn't know how to blow a candle! How funny. You kept trying so many times and here is how your face looked.

 photo 593e_zps4d29f770.jpg

You got a little lesson and...

 photo 596e_zpsa3497837.jpg


Your birthday party was on Sunday, March 03. We had a small gathering at Potter Park. All the friends you invited came to celebrate with you.

David and Brady
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It was a cold and windy day. But you were so happy.

I love that my boys are so easy to please. They accept any shape or form of party. They have learned very well that it is in the simplicity that we find true happiness. They choose quality over quantity any time. I thank God for giving my boys such good hearts and spirits.

 photo 058e_zpse780065f.jpg

 photo 070e_zpsd9631243.jpg

He walked with a smile every minute of his party!

Vance, Brady and Gabriel
 photo 077e_zps3e0b447b.jpg

 photo 078e_zps4eff61da.jpg

Kalei with his dear friend John Luke. They were so happy to see each other. They went to pre-school together. They say they will be best friends forever. So adorable.

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 photo 082e_zps7139726e.jpg

 photo 087e_zps288b4080.jpg

 photo 089e_zps949a4b82.jpg

 photo 093e_zpsebc8e21a.jpg

 photo 099e_zpse9a5b0f8.jpg

 photo 113e_zpsd245c7df.jpg

Ice-cream time.

 photo 128e_zps3d353a28.jpg

 photo 131e_zps7bef254b.jpg

 photo 134e_zpsba12ed28.jpg

 photo 140e_zpsf9fca716.jpg

Kalei's ice-cream. Yeah, trust me it's in there, underneath all the candies.

 photo 145e_zps48041494.jpg

I can't believe 6 years has passed this fast. Such a big boy.

 photo 164e_zpsa8b9cfcb.jpg

That smile is priceless.

 photo 170e_zpsd987945e.jpg

He brought his friend John home to open the presents with him.

 photo 192e_zpse5d8a475.jpg

 photo 196e_zps5d97cd41.jpg

 photo 199e_zps30c124fa.jpg

 photo 216e_zpseeab735f.jpg

It is so beautiful to witness his innocence,  his fullness, and his happiness. I feel so blessed to be his mom.

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