End of the soccer season celebration

We, the soccer families, gathered for a fun time at Treeumph ropes course last Sunday. The boys had such a nice time! They were all very brave on the ropes.

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It was a cold day but the sun was happily shinning.

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Kalei was not tall enough therefore he wasn't allowed to do it. He was a trooper since there was no siblings for him to play with. Of course, I had to allow him to eat all the goodies his stomach could hold in order to keep him happy! Cupcakes, brownies, cookies, juices, you name it...

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The first step is to learn from the instructors on a practice course and before they go on to the real one they have to demonstrate their abilities on the ropes and with the gears. Once they pass on the test they are good to go.

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They all lined up to start their adventure...

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...and here it starts the real course. Gabe did a great job!

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They have always to keep one of their clip (informal term) on the cable. That is the only thing holding them up there in case if they slip, trip or fall. There is no rushing, it takes a lot of work.

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And here is the end of the course.

 photo IMG_7473e_zpsdd6b2374.jpg

They all went on a second round. They had a lot more fun this time as they all felt more confident and relaxed :-)

 photo IMG_7533e_zps3387cd5f.jpg

They could almost do with their eyes shut!

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Running. Once you are hooked you can go as fast as your feet can take you.

 photo IMG_7539e_zpsefc8fcef.jpg

 photo IMG_7555e_zps089fe75d.jpg

That's their favorite part. Free in the air.

 photo IMG_7572e_zpsb03d74fb.jpg

It was a fun way to spend our Sunday. I very much enjoy all the friends we have made along the way on this soccer league.

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