A few random moments not to be forgotten

I wish I could be on top of everything without fail. Well, that's not me. Life goes by so fast and I honestly believe that almost everyone in the planet wished they had more hours in their days.

I did fall behind with blogging but I do have precious moments that I captured and I don't want them to be forgotten.

I absolutely love capturing as much as I can of our life. I think it is so magical to freeze time forever. So here are pictures of those moments.

Marina Jack
 photo 070e-R_zps1fd736cd.jpg

This is my happy happy boy. He is full of life and joy.

 photo 073e-R_zps38a07755.jpg

 photo 074e-R_zpsfe738ff3.jpg

 photo 077e-R_zpsd45d8684.jpg

Gabe got mad for something that I don't remember. I love his expression in this picture. Of course I prefer a smile but I love them with all their faces.

 photo 078e-R_zpsa8ee7a67.jpg

 photo 084e-R_zps09d3f9aa.jpg

I remember trying to get him to smile.

 photo 090e-R_zpsd12bd927.jpg

A little one there...

 photo 096e-R_zpsb147ca27.jpg

 photo 098e-R_zpsa872dd23.jpg

 photo 101e-R_zps254042b5.jpg

 photo 103e-R_zpsadef2297.jpg

Oh, was the sunset gorgeous that day!

 photo 124e-R_zps00db93b9.jpg

My munchkin.

 photo 125e-R_zps65089506.jpg

That smile: priceless.

 photo DSC03801e-R_zpsdf10b308.jpg

Home sweet home. My boys are so big!

 photo 002e-R-4.jpg

 photo 003e-R-10.jpg

 photo 005e-R-5.jpg

This day was so nice for a walk. We strolled around with no rush to be anywhere.

 photo 033e-R-4.jpg

 photo 040e-R-5.jpg

 photo 063e-R-7.jpg

 photo 068e-R-7.jpg

 photo 077e-R-7.jpg

 photo 039-e-R.jpg

 photo 112e-R-1.jpg

Can you tell he had some chocolate ice-cream?! His favorite ever.

 photo 131e-R-2.jpg

At Laurel-Nokomis school with his classmate Gabriel.

 photo DSC03683-e-R.jpg

His friend Vance.

 photo DSC03711-e-R.jpg

 photo 018e-R-6.jpg

At home playing with legos.

 photo 102e-R-2.jpg

 photo 104e-R-2.jpg

 photo 119e-R-4.jpg

 photo 113e-R-2.jpg

 photo 099-e-R.jpg


One of our rare escapes to the beach during the week. It was during our family time.

At the beginning of the school year I made a schedule for Gabe and posted it at his door. It was a breakdown of his week days. Slot time for homework, reading, soccer, church, bath, etc. and family time was in it. Kalei absolutely loves the family time. I am almost ashamed to say that we hardly honor the "family time" time. Not because we don't want but because there is never time! When we do the boys are so happy. It's the most beautiful part of our crazy life.

 photo DSC03728e-R.jpg

 photo DSC03746e-R.jpg

 photo DSC03776e-R.jpg

My big boy is growing so fast.

 photo 228e-R-4_zps1719990b.jpg

 photo 229e-R-1_zpsdb131670.jpg

 photo 239e-R-2_zps605492d2.jpg

 photo 254e-R-1_zps9d444ec5.jpg

One of our trips to ice-cream shop followed by a walk at the beach. That, we do often on Sundays.

 photo 262e-R-1_zps08ce3aec.jpg

 photo 264e-R-1_zps07e7b70f.jpg

 photo 267e-R-1_zps0afc4742.jpg

 photo 297e-R_zpsc75c8255.jpg

 photo 306e-R-3_zps5634a225.jpg

 photo 310e-R_zpscf175d50.jpg

 photo 312e-R_zps0a6b95ba.jpg

 photo 367e-R_zpsc39cf8bd.jpg

 photo 370e-R_zpsffa2db0f.jpg

 photo 403e-R_zpsaee1fba3.jpg

I love my family. I love our crazy life because in it I find precious moments.

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