Christmas 2012

This year we didn't host any family. I wish we had a longer break to fit it all in. It was very fun last year  to have our friends from Washington DC during the winter break!

On Christmas night we had plans to attend church and go out for dinner just the four of us. Then we would join a friend's party for dessert and some fun. Unfortunately we only did the church due to a sudden bellyache Gabe had. This bellyache lasted almost two weeks! Lots of bellyache in Miami and Key West. we have our suspicions that it became a little convenient at times for him :-)

 photo 357e-R_zps67b80412.jpg

At my house kids don't really sleep the night before Christmas! They can't wait to go open their gifts and check their stockings in the morning.

 photo 014e-R_zpsecd06af1.jpg

Their presents this year were all legos. Lord of the rings and the hobbit.

 photo 021e-R_zps19166b55.jpg

After they are done opening all their gifts we sit for breakfast. Yummy pancakes and fruits.

 photo 057e-R_zpsa42b9a75.jpg

In the afternoon we went to have lunch with Simone and her troop. It was very sweet to spend some time with dear friends.

 photo 068e-R_zps6a78615d.jpg

 photo 066e-R_zps43e38c2c.jpg

Bits + pieces of Christmas in our home:

 photo 002e-R_zps76309418.jpg

 photo Christmas-Collage-1-R_zpsc033176e.jpg

 photo 031-e-R_zps3bd7843d.jpg

 photo 071-e-R_zps80b31476.jpg

 photo 092-e-R_zps55cdd9fc.jpg

 photo 095-e-R_zpsd75a29f8.jpg

 photo 109-e-R_zps01d0543f.jpg

 photo 011-e-R_zps2624da11.jpg

 photo 034-e-R_zps6b747c61.jpg

 photo 046-e-R_zpsa24e177e.jpg

 photo 054-e-R_zps196fb3c4.jpg

 photo 006e-R_zps48992ddc.jpg

 photo 012-e-R_zps0096798c.jpg

 photo 047e-R_zps23d04d8a.jpg


We went to see the Christmas lights with my friend Simone and her family. We picked the coldest night to be out there! It was fun.

 photo 047e-R_zps1e0c1cef.jpg

 photo 061-e-R_zps3ed4a317.jpg

 photo 059e-R_zps57995728.jpg

 photo 057-e-R_zps00d35394.jpg

 photo 017e-R_zps3fbc770e.jpg

We toasted some marshmallows, drank hot chocolate, ate some cookies and did a hayride.

 photo 027-e-R_zps4f563548.jpg

 This jacket made it out of the closet only twice in the last year and half.

 photo 034-e-R_zps027940b4.jpg

 photo 049e-R_zps4a51a8a2.jpg

We all had a good time. It is so nice to be able to enjoy some cold weather once in a while, only because we know the nice and warm weather is just around the corner. That's the beauty of living in Florida.

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