Key West and back to Miami 2012-2013

We drove to Key West on the first day of 2013!

The drive is breath-taking. So much water everywhere and the colors are magnificent. We enjoyed it so much and made a few stops along the way.

We had different ideas of what Key West would be. We thought of it as being a paradise. we thought we would find the most beautiful beach. The most clear blue water. Nope.

It was still nice. We truly enjoyed our time there. Would we go back? Definitely not with kids. Maybe not, even without the kids.

We spent a morning at the local beach just relaxing and playing with the boys. It was a different experience from our beaches but we had lots of fun!

The biggest hit of all this trip was the Key West hotel's pool. They swam in the morning, in the afternoon and at night. And breakfast was served by the pool. That alone was super cool!

Key West has its charm. This is the Mallory Square at night. We didn't find much there when we first went after the sun had set. But we made sure to go back again. And we did. We really liked it here. It's a place by the water where magical things happen. They are different craft vendors, popcorn makers and people performing for us tourists.

We strolled through the island main street, where a blend of people, culture and style gives this place its signature. We found new york authentic pizza and ice-cream shops to treat us.

This is the place where the ball (the shoe) drop on new year's eve.

 I am a people person. I love people! There is not many places like this to grab a ice-cream, find a comfortable place to sit and do people watching. It's fun!

Oops! We found Kilwins. It's a must stop for the Crozats.

Savoring their super-delicious-out-of-this-world ice-cream. Nothing else matters at this moment to them. I love witnessing this precious time.

Here we are, back to the Square!

Such a cute little block!

Gabe was pulled out of a crowd to participate in this show. Oh, did we enjoy! He kept the sweetest smile on his face for the entire presentation.

That's what Ruffin did all the time he could find! Write.

The famous sunset. So many people and photographers from every corner of the world gathers here to watch the sunset. Such a neat experience. I captured this sunset forever!

More pool...

We left one day early than we had planned and headed back to Miami. One more night in Miami Beach and then home!

Our last hotel. The boys were a little disappointed because we made it late to this one. By the time we came back from our stroll on the board-walk it was too dark and cool for the pool :-(

Bye-bye Miami.

We drove through the alligator road. It crosses the Everglades and the Big Cypress.

...and look what we saw!

We made one last stop for lunch and got home by the end of the day. It was a nice break. Nice vacation.

  • It's always so good to be back home. I never want to take this place that we've called home for the last year and half for granted! Paradise is here.

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