Brazil Part II

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I am already missing these moments and am so glad I captured them so I have this place to visit when I feel homesick. It was important to me to reconnect with my roots. I wish we could visit Brazil more often.

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On my last Sunday in Brazil my mom, my sister, my brother, my sister-in-law, the kids and I went to a nice park and lunch.

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The clock was ticking faster and faster and the day to go back home was approaching very quickly. So I made a mental note to enjoy every day I had left with my family before I got into the airplane that would take me far away from them.

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But this time I had something big to look forward to going back home. My three boys.

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On the day of my departure, my dad surprised me with a nice reunion with some of my extended family  members at an italian restaurant.

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It was so nice to see them all. Even if just for few hours.

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My cousin Ernani and his wife-to-be from Spain.

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My aunt Valéria and Osmar.

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My cousin Junior.

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These words.

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I am so happy that I took this gigantic step and went to Brazil. It was worth every sacrifice involved!

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