Epcot - 2013

Last May (I am really trying to catch up with my blog)  Gabe had a field trip to the Epcot Center in Orlando. We decided to take the day off and join him. So the whole Crozat family went.

 photo DSC04162e_zps6d1683dc.jpg

During the third grade year, his class took awesome field trips.

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We were required to check out some activities and shows; once we checked them off the list, we could go on our own exploration.

 photo DSC04174e_zps6e8cf518.jpg

Kalei had no trouble blending in...

 photo DSC04230e_zpsbb8a778c.jpg

 photo DSC04246e_zps55bb886b.jpg

It was such a perfect weather day. The park was not packed with people. We had a fun time walking around. Gabe truly enjoyed being with his friends.

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 photo DSC04177e_zps1775153b.jpg

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 photo DSC04224e_zps2f9e97bd.jpg

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 photo DSC04274e_zps41c520bb.jpg

 photo DSC04271e_zps0065216e.jpg

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 photo DSC04281e_zpsa405951b.jpg

 photo DSC04296e_zps6b09600e.jpg

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 photo DSC04241e_zpsc787e722.jpg

 photo DSC04215e_zpsdac9d505.jpg

 photo DSC04209e_zpsc884062f.jpg

 photo DSC04192e_zps81c14ddb.jpg

 photo DSC04182e_zps77d3b5ac.jpg

It was a long day and by the time we left we all crashed.

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