Recollection Post: Winter break - 2017/2018

 We went to Savannah, Georgia for the winter break.

The car ride was easy and fun.

The boys were loaded with food and entertainment for the car trip.

They were into building custom made legos. They were creating the Flash, Arrow and few other characters.

Our first outing was to the famous Leopold's Ice Cream shop.

It was SO cold that night that we didn't stay out very long.

We went back to the hotel and stayed cozy for the rest of the night.

 Gabe is the number one ice cream lover in our family. I never thought anyone would surpass me.

Kalei just loves sweet!

The next morning we were all geared up and ready to explore the town.

I forgot my camera home and all the photos were taken by my iPhone X.

We loved the streets of Savannah!

I don't know why he was doing that face :-)

We parked the car at Central of Georgia Railway and walked for the rest of the day.

We visited the Forsyth Park in the historic district.

I miss the foliage and colors of nature.

We wanted to visit The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist on Lafayette Square but by the time we got there it was closed.

We did a lot of walking and went back to our hotel to rest before heading out again for the New Year's Eve celebrations.

Here we went again!

It was cold and rainy. We headed to Riverfront Street.

We found a very cozy restaurant to have dinner and warm ourselves up for a bit.

I can't believe our family actually stayed for the passage of the year. We endured such a COLD and WET weather on this last day of 2017. 

We watched the non-traditional ball drop with a fun Savannah Twist! We counted down the seconds to the New Year as a six-foot cup was raised over Rousakis Riverfront Plaza.

The next day we went to explore the rest of the town.

We went back to Riverfront to see it at daylight.

We ate so much candy! Candy shops are everywhere in Savannah.

Lafayette Square

We visited Savannah City Market

We were supposed to stay one more day in Savannah but we could not bear the weather any longer.

The kids were grabbing any jackets available in our car. Ruffin was wearing 7 layers of clothing!

We had SO much fun and we definitely plan to come back to visit Savannah again! 

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