Summer 2018 - Part II

We arrived in Blue Ridge Mountain late on Sunday. 

The main reason we stayed one night at Blue Ridge is because I wanted to visit my dear friend Nadine. We volunteered for many years together at The Art Center of Sarasota and became very friends. She is a wonderful person and artist. And very French :-)

So, Nadine came for a quick visit since our hotel was walking distance from her house. Then Ruffin and I went out for a very special dinner. The best meal of the entire trip :-)

Next morning we chilled at our room and watched Brazil x Mexico. Brazil won 2 x 0 and everyone was so happy.

After the game I spent the afternoon with Nadine and Ruffin had the boys.

We shopped for some food and went to her house to visit with each other. I was missing her so much and it was very special to me to be able to visit her on this trip.

We went around Blue Ridge downtown in search of a ice cream shop before we headed to Tennessee.

It We could not find one shop where we could seat inside for ice cream and we could not stand the heat outside. The ice cream would melt in no time outside in that weather. 

So we left without ice cream and the boys were not happy.

Our drive to Tennessee.

We stopped in this next town to look for ice cream shop and accidentally landed on the Georgia/Tennesse state line. How cool is that?!

A very nice lady offered to take our picture.

Nice little stores for ice cream, fudges, and candies but not one opened!

Kids were very disappointed :-(

We also stopped on this scenic place along the road. 

The boys would have stayed here forever! But Ruffin had some work to do and needed to get to our destination. 

Our first day in Tennessee we visited Rock City in Lookout Mountain.

We really enjoyed our morning walking around this place.

Kalei and I are very afraid of height and Gabe is fearless. We had to cross one of these two different bridges to get us to the other side of Rock City where you can actually see 7 states.

So Kalei and I crossed this bridge

and Gabe and Ruffin crossed this one :-)

Lovers Leap

I was taking pictures of them from the other bridge

Kalei asked for my camera and his interest made me happy. He was surprised how heavy it was and that he had to look through the view finder to take a picture. He did pretty well for his first time.

Fat man Squeeze

We went for lunch at downtown Chattanooga

We crossed one bridge and we got out of the car to explore a bit

I love bridges so I fell in love with Chattanooga.

People gathering for 4th July Celebration. Here at Chattanooga they have that fireworks on July 3rd.

We went back to the hotel to relax and shower and came back night time to downtown to watch the fireworks.

I always have fun photographing fireworks

Next day we went to Ruby Falls

It was interesting but it was so crowded and the tour took much longer than expected. Down in the caverns the pathways are really narrow and too many tours at once. There is a lot of waiting.

Last tourist attraction we visited was the Incline Railway

We all agreed that we could have skipped this one

We were pooped by the end of the day. 

Happy but tired.


We were supposed to be two more days on this trip but everyone but me voted to go back home earlier to watch the World Cup from our big TV.

So, on our last day Gabe and I went rafting.  We raft on Ocoee River. It was our first time and we were thrilled! 

Kalei was not old enough so Dad stayed with him. They went to play golf.

It was quite an adventure!

I took a nice long shower and we started to head back home.

We traveled and got home by midnight.

It was a great vacation!

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