Summer 2018 - Part I

We were very lay back this summer. World Cup was happening and the tv was pretty much on

We watched It's always fun.

On June 30th we packed and went on a road trip to Tennessee

We drove straight to Atlanta and spent only one night there.

They play soccer eve.ry.where.

Next morning we headed to Helen

What a nice treat. Helen is a mountain town located along the Chattahoochee river. Helen is a re-creation of Bavarian Alpine Village. It's so charming and I so much enjoyed walking around town. 

It's so cool that the tubing is along the many restaurants and shops.

It was the best tubing experience. So relaxing and fun.

After tubing we went to Ana Ruby Falls.

It started raining so hard. I thought Florida had the biggest rain storms but oh boy did it rained here! 

It made the hike even more beautiful and fresh.

It was rather a shorter hike than I expected but we enjoyed.

On our way to Blue Ridge Mountain to see Nadine.

It's been such a nature kind of trip. It has not disappointed us so far. I think our whole family can do nature well  :-)

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