Our first camp-out

We went for our first camp-out at Myaka Park. Mrs. Tweed (Gabe's teacher) organized it all. We had about 19 families camping this weekend with us. What an adventure!

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Before we headed to the campsite to pitch our tents, we went to The Southwest Florida Heritage Festival at Crowley.

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I proudly introduce you to our tent!

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Ruffin got some help while I went around to find precious moments to photograph.

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This tent fits 6 persons. We had one of Gabe's classmates, Nash, camping with us.

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We were not far at all from the city, but it felt as if we were. It was almost magical how nature embraced us. It was so nice to be present and not preoccupied. We heard every sound and quickly disconnected from the rustling of life. It was reinvigorating.

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These gentlemen, Brian and Jason, were the cooks for the night. I am not sure if it was their choices :-)

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Here are some of the boys from Gabe's class. The kids had a blast! They were all chasing a big boar in the dark with their flashlights. It's amazing how much freedom they experienced.

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We all sat around the fire at night. The dinner was delicious, the s'mores were perfect!

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They told each other stories and laughed all night.

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I  ended up going back home for the night. I thought the 4 boys (my three boys and Nash) would sleep more comfortably in the tent without a lady. My allergies were not helping either.

But I made sure to come back early in the morning. I didn't want to miss anything! I was curious to hear how the night went. My kids loved it!!! They said they could live there.

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Just one night and he looks like he's been there for quite a while, doesn't he?!

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Breakfast from Panera, provided by Mrs. Tweed.

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They were filthy. And happy. They felt like they were big time adventurers.

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So concentrated...

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It got a little chilly in the morning. But the weather could not had been better for camping.

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My survivor.

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Gabe with Nathan.

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Going off to explore again.

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Ok, mommy, enough with the camera now.

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It was a fun weekend. Loads of laundry and dirty kids to scrub.

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