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There was never a doubt. Gabe knew from his first experience with soccer, when he was three and half years old, back in San Diego, that this is the sport he would dedicate most of his time to. It's been like that since then. He lead us through this path with such determination.

I love his passion, his commitment, his love for soccer. I enjoy so much to watch him play. So we became a soccer family. A happy one :-)

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This past weekend (Feb 02) we had a regional tournament at Premier Sports Campus. It was all day Saturday and one game Sunday. So proud of how well our boys played. It was a fun event!

They did super in his first game and won it.

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On the sideline...

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Watching their buddies playing

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Deep conversations in between games :-)

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Gabe, Jaxson, Ari, Greyson and Devon. Where are Jonah and Ryan?!

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Waiting for their second game

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Kalei, Bruno and Tatum have so much fun playing while their older brothers work hard in the soccer field :-)

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Sunday game. We won again! Beautiful. Gabe showed his footwork. He played his old-self. I was glad to see it.

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This was their league tournament played at home - Tatum Ridge.

It was our turn for the snacks and I went with popsicles. Boy, they love it. I wonder if they were listening to the coach because you know, when they have a popsicle in hand the world could be falling apart and they wouldn't know it!

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Parents played against kids. I was dead after playing few minutes. Wow, how hard they work on those fields!!!

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Big helpers. Bringing the tangerines from our cooler to the other field for the boys. These two have a blast always!

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Some more...

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We have two more games left to play in this tournament. Then Gabe will play basketball for the next season and continue soccer, of course!

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