Cabin Fever

It has been one of those weeks (actually the second week in a row) where the weather is not very kind to us. We have not been out much lately, except for a brief walk. We love the snow but by now it is melting away...

The nice thing about been cooped up at home is that Gabe and Kalei are bonding. It's so nice to watch them playing together.

This week school was off only on Tuesday. Basketball and gymnastic were canceled. But soccer was on!

Gastrites accompanied me all week! Urrrg. I finally returned to yoga after 10 days without it. And it felt good.

Last night I joined the girls for a karaoki at Bella's house. It was fun. Laughing is definitely the best remedy for the soul.

Here are random pictures of our week only because...well you know...I love photos!

(with Aidan and Evan)

That's what our trees look like in winter - waiting for some colors.

Kalei's soccer class

(Bella e Luiza)

I am missing the nice, sunny weather. I heard that Spring may be coming earlier...I am ready!!!

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