Kalei's birthday party

Saturday, Feb 19 we were celebrating Kalei's not quite yet fourth birthday. We had it at the fire station and it was a hit with the kids.

Kalei doesn't have big expectations. He doesn't demand. He is content most of the time. He did not mind his party being at the fire station, or home or nowhere. We were the ones wanting to give him something special. A memorable time.

He has a very nice circle of friends (maybe mommy is again the one to define who are his friends more than himself) that works very well for all of us. (maybe because all his friends have awesome moms!).

He enjoyed it. He was happy. That is all I live for.

Not the picture I was hoping to get it

It may be not the happiest face but I love his expression here
Goodie bags made after only four hours of sleep

The awesome moms! They are all very special to me

Opening his presents. 

It was a good day. I hope you enjoyed my munchkin!

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  1. We had such a wonderful time! Thank you so much for inviting us to such a beautiful party and we were so happy to help Kalei celebrate his 4th birthday!


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