39 F in Sarasota!

Last Sunday was certainly the coldest day since we moved to Florida. It reminded me so much of our winter days in Virginia. The difference is that in VA most of the winter is like that and here we get back quickly to the 70s or 80s.

It was fun though to wear hats and jackets. I even underestimated the weather. We could easily be wearing gloves as well!

Oh, that smile...


So, we are back to the warm gulf weather. It feels great! A couple of cold days is enough to make you appreciate Florida's nice climate.

Our home faces a big lake where a gator lives, birds, ducks and turtles swim. Birds are always singing. I love the reflections of early mornings and late afternoon.

Kalei still stays with me twice a week. I am having a hard time with the idea of him going to kindergarten next school year. My babe. I still deep my nose in his neck just because I love his smell. I kiss his face thousands times just because I love how it feels. Baby skin.

We had a date last week. We went to the library, to the playground and out for lunch. We laughed, we played, we ran, we were silly and we hugged. Such a precious time. I have to make myself aware of these moments. I should be more intentional about spending quality time with my boy.

It's been a spider-man time in here. All day. Every day. Rain or shine spider-man is around!

My big boy. We don't have much time during the week together for leisure. But I love being with him!

I had a little dark cloud over my head these last few days. I didn't feel inspired. I am coming back. It feels good.

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