Here and there

My almost five year old baby still likes his thumb!

This big boy is making mama very proud lately.

My favorite black spider-man. This costume makes it in and out of the laundry room very quickly.

Car show at St. Armand's Circle.

I couldn't care less for cars, but I was indeed shocked to learn that this blue Bugatti below is worth $3,000 000  (and people are still dying for lack of clean drinking water!) Not judging, just saying.

Ferrari became cheap comparing to the one above. What kind of world do we live in anyways???

Isn't this one so charming? I like it.

What about those two boys sitting on it??? They are worth $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ smiles.

The pink car was my favorite.

I love this one and the two gentlemen savoring the moment.

The show was kind of fun for the boys. Just not my crowd.


Back to the reality of simple life...

Just out enjoying the nice weather

I caught him playing with his reflexion. Super serious.

I could freeze this moment forever.

It was a good day.

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