Soccer soccer soccer

have i told you i have a son that is completely obsessed (in a good way!) with soccer?!

                                                     he plays four times a week
                                              he's always watching soccer on you tube
                              he counted the days for FIFA to announce the best players of 2011
                              he teaches his brother how to play soccer in our living room
                                          he asks ten thousand soccer related questions per week
                         he never leaves the ball - the soft one when at home - new rule mommy made
                                he wants to be a professional soccer player when he grows up :-)
                                               he dreams of playing for the world-cup

i am going to share a secret now:  in the matter of soccer his heart is brazilian (at least so far)

his favorite player: ronaldinho

ruffin taking care of the team

i honestly should be doing a better job taking pictures and making movies when he plays but i always talk talk talk and when i realize the game is over...oops!

i really hope he keeps enjoying as much as he does now. it's a great pleasure to watch him playing.

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