Special guests

We had a chance to host a very beautiful family in our home these past few days. The time we spent together will be forever treasured.

Their stay was short but we sure enjoyed every minute! It was a true vacation. A very good pause from our routine.

Time really flies when we are happy so we have to make the most of every moment. I think together we  accomplished that very well.

We had a great time at the beach. Everybody was happy and free.

Life gains another meaning in the presence of good company. It's just one of those "perfect moments" life grant us.

Ruffin truly enjoys spending time with Aluísio. He took two days off work because he could not be apart from all this fun time.

That's my beautiful friend Leila. She's fun, smart and a wonderful mother to her kids. I am very proud to call her friend.

These two together...take my breath away.

Lucas was a total success around here. My boys fought for his attention  :-) 

Who are the parents of those little monkeys out in the street??!!

We love this family! They are the kind of people that pull the best out of everyone. They are kind, thoughtful, giving and always in a grand mood.

They leave their mark behind. They have a gentle way of touching our hearts. And they definitely did!

Oops, i caught kalei falling on his back (he was fine, it was a classy fall)

Their kids are blossoming into very fine persons. They are following their parents footprints.

As always the hardest part is the good-bye. If there is one thing that comforts our hearts, it is that real friendship does not fade with time or distance.

Thanks Aluísio, Leila, Sophia and Lucas for giving us an awesome time and the opportunity to host you in our home! Come back soon.

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