San Diego Part II

San Diego was the first place I lived after leaving my hometown - São Paulo. There I met the man of my life and there, life presented me with the most precious gift - my boys.

Now that we live in Florida and have the most beautiful beaches only 15 minutes from home, we are very spoiled. The beaches in San Diego have a little too much seaweed and the water is cold, even in summer! So, this time around we didn't visit the beach often, only twice in two weeks that we vacationed there.

We made sure to visit all the places where we used to go as a family. Places that made us happy when we lived in San Diego.

Introducing - Coronado Island.

Of course, we rented the quadricycle to go around the island!

one more of you just because I love you so much

On the way out...

...on the way back.

Coronado beach - it used to be one of my favorites in the area. Beach # one of 2012

the sand is golden dark

The famous hotel Del Coronado


Mission Trail by my parents-in-law's house. Very nice place for walks and bikes.

Our absolute favorite fast-food Mexican restaurant. How I wish we had Rubio's on the East coast, better yet in Sarasota  :-)


Our dear friend Jennifer and her son Sam came from Canada to meet up with us in SD and have some CrozatGallaway grand time.

As usual the boys got along very well. It's so precious to be able to keep this friendship going for them, and of course for the mamas of these young men.

I had a great time chatting with Jennifer while the boys enjoyed their own time.

We spent the day at Pacific Beach and had lunch at Konos. Yummy!


The next day we met with Luciane and Lucas at the Santee Lakes



Our favorite pizza place

I wish I had more pictures from the moments spent in grandma and grandpa's house because those moments were the most precious of all!

More to come from San Diego...

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