Just the 4 of us

Our first weekend after the Holiday break.  This weekend it was only the 4 of us.

On Saturday we were up early for Kalei's t-ball. We got there 9:00 to find out that his game wasn't until 10:00. We could have slept one hour longer. Thanks Ruffin! (the schedule was in the kitchen drawer!). Just giving you a hard time :-)

 So... I had an extra hour to shoot some pictures before the game was on.

I love love love this real smile.

*** This week was the first time since we moved to Florida that I wore a sweater like that. This past week was so nice. We got to take our jackets out of the closets. We had lows 30F in the mornings. It was also the first time we turned the heater on.

By the weekend the weather was back in the high 70s - sweet! Just enough to enjoy the cold temperatures without getting tired of it. Perfect! 


His favorite soccer player of all time - Ronaldinho.

Practicing his soccer drills.

And the game is on...

Kalei, munchkin, the game is on!

He was so much more interested in digging that dirt than he was in the game. So funny.

I had a date with my big boy today. We went to the movie theater to see 'We bought a Zoo'. We had dinner at chick-fil-A. It was very special. I love to have those kind of one-on-one time with my boys.

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