Our week in review

Little here little there.

It had been a while since they had a bath together.

Twin Lake - soccer, playground and nice friends.

We surprised Gabe last Tuesday by picking him up at school and splurging on home-made coconut ice-cream.

I had another date with Gabe. Only the two of us. We went to see Cirque desVoix at Sarasota circus.

There is something very special about spending time one-on- one with my boys (kalei went to a playground and a visit to the ice-cream shop with daddy).

I am fascinated by circus. I think it recalls super good memories for me. But honestly, I think I am good for a while now. Twice in a month was maybe a little much. But fun!

And the show begins...

Seriously now. We love ice-cream, can you tell???

Playdate with Nicholas

I am so happy I had the chance to capture one more week of our lives in pictures.

Have an awesome one!

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