I am back!

I intentionally stopped  working on this blog a few months ago. I thought I was done with it and wanted to focus more on my photography.

Lately I realized that I have not been registering the story of our lives anymore, anywhere. That made me sad. There is so much that I don't want to forget or to be forgotten. I really like the idea that my family will have a place where they can remember those precious moments, or that funny day or the birthdays or Christmas.

Life is so rich and we should do our best to enjoy each and every day that is given to us. With that in mind I'll continuously make an effort to post some of the highlights of our grand life.

If we let the routine and tasks of every day get a hold of us and strand us we will miss so many opportunities to live fully and build a life worth telling our future generation.

I'll pay attention to the small details. I'll listen carefully to each conversation. I'll love more and smile often.

So having said all that, I'll see you soon!

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