Mote Marine Aquarium

We had a long, nice school break for Thanksgiving. We decided to stay around and relax. The boys and i went to the theater, Mote Aquarium and the Zoo.

Going to Mote brought a lot good memories. We last went there when we were vacationing in Sarasota in 2011. We were tourists.

They were a little sad that the giant squid wasn't there. It will be back in few months. Mote is just sharing it with others States. It's on a tour now.

We watched the trainer working with the dolphin. 

It's so nice not to be on a schedule. No homework, no rushing anywhere. We just go with the flow. 


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  4. I visited this aquarium on the weekend with my family and it was an awesome trip. My kids got to see the Anubias plant while we were there and they thanked me for taking them to this aquarium. Their experience was really good.

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