The Brazilian national soccer team in Miami

We have a very passionate soccer player in our family. So we thought it would be a great opportunity to watch a live soccer match.

So we packed and drove for 4 hours to spend the weekend in Miami.

We have never been to a stadium as a family. You should have seen their faces when they arrived at the field. Priceless!

We got good seats. We could see all the players well and Gabe was thrilled to be able to watch Neymar play.

It was an amazing crowd. The boys were very excited with the energy. They loved doing the waves.

Brazil won, 5x0, and boy was it fun?!

We walked around a little before the game.

As always, my boys love the hotels. Usually it is the highlight of all our trips. So they had energy left to enjoy it when we came back to our room at 10:00pm.

We finished our night with a bowl of ice-cream. You know, sugar and bed time are great together. What was I thinking?

Great, great outing. Everyone enjoyed.

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